About Us


Since 1951, Midland Foods has been distributing dry and perishable grocery products throughout Northeast Ohio.  

Founded as a Kosher foods distributor, Midland Foods has diversified over the years, now offering all varieties of specialty food and beverage.  

Midland Foods services regional and national grocery chains, independent stores, restaurants and nursing homes throughout Northeast Ohio, with accounts in the Chicago Metropolitan area.  

Our Services

Full-Service Distribution


Midland Foods is a Full-Service, Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) Distributor.  From presenting to buyers and filling out necessary paperwork along the way, let us manage the entire process of getting your products from your warehouse to the shelves.



Centrally located near Downtown Cleveland, our temperature controlled warehouse is equipped with multiple freezers and coolers (mid-temp and humidity-controlled).

Sales & Merchandising


Midland Foods' team of sales reps and merchandisers are dedicated to the growth of your business.  While visiting accounts anywhere from two to five times each week, the Midland team will write orders, stock shelves, rotate product and build displays, all with the goal of maximizing sales.   

Category Management


Retailers - Allow Midland Foods to help you generate a planogram and pick out the correct product mix.

New Brand Development


Do you have a new product? Need help getting it into stores?  Midland Foods can help guide you right into the shopping cart of your target customers.